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The Moranbah Community site has been created as the Hub for all the good information in and out of Moranbah. It is made to be the portal for all in the Local Community to connect.As a way to access the most up to date information about the Town, the Services and Support and forum for the Local Community to connect and share.

It is here to support an even greater sense of Community within Moranbah for local Moranbah Residents, Workers, Visitors, Community organisations,  Groups, Government services and Businesses alike by making it easier to connect and find out what’s happening in and around  in an around Moranbah.This will be done in a number of ways – by linking to a Moranbah Events Calender – this is available to all Groups in Moranbah.

As part of this service community goups will be given access to their own Web Pages to Blog and share their information and messages with all. It will provide a Local Business Directory and a Local Services Directory, a place to search and find what you need here. Businesses will also be able to host Websites here to allow Moranbah to find them easily. An online Marketplace will be provided to making shopping in town quicker and easier.

Good feedback and new connections are always welcome. Visit the Contact Page for how to connect and joint the journey. Please review our Terms of Service about using the Moranbah Community website.

Why I created Moranbah Community

In 2011 I was offered a position in Moranbah if I relocated to the town. I turned it down. I had felt I had little choice as when I went to do some research online about Moranbah the services and what was available I couldn’t find the information that I was looking for. Information about schooling, local services, how to access care for my special needs son. Some of the information and news online was not all positive and I didn’t want to risk moving my family unnecessarily as I knew that they would not manage the change well if I couldn’t access the services I needed in town.

In 2012 I was again offered the job as a Fly in Fly out (FIFO) role. It was a site based role responsible for service delivery and  supervising on a couple of mine sites, as well as some town based offices\facilities and services.This role was a “normal”  Monday to Friday job so I would work five on two off and travel back to my family every weekend.

For well over my next year I spent most of my time in the MAC Camp in town. My time was my own after I finished for the day, so my evenings were free Monday to Thursday. I have a strong sense of community and would love to have been able to get out, connect and join in with local groups and activities in my spare time.

As my time was so limited when I was home on the weekend I was looking for ways for me to shop, eat out, access services, training ect while I was in Moranbah during the week. I would search online, ask the people I worked with, including those who lived in Moranbah, and often had to give up and wait until I got home to do what I needed to.

I had the time and the money to spend in town and unfortunately despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to.

After my contract finished and I decided to stay on in Moranbah I started to discover all the things that I had missed out on because these things were hard to find online.

I really wanted to find a way to make this easier for people to connect, locals, people working in town or visiting and even those who were looking to come to Moranbah to see what’s here.

If I can help connect someone with a local service, business or they can see an event in Moranbah then it is worth it.

I wanted to create a free online “up to date” business, service and events directory for the Moranbah community that everyone could access and that added more value than many of the other directories that are taking top place in Google.




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