Moranbah Airport


Moranbah Airport

The  Moranbah Airport started with quite modest beginnings. It operated for many years as a very simple regional airport. The Moranbah Airport has recently undergone a major upgrade. With changes to the aviation industry in 2012 it was time for a change. The  new building at Moranbah Airport was constructed alongside the existing site. The Moranbah Airport is built on a BMA Mining lease, therefore it is an Alcohol free zone.



The new Moranbah Airport has been operational since the end of June 2012. It provides a comfortable modern environment with the updated facilities. The is a local cafe situated at the Moranbah Airport to make the wait a little easier. There is no public WIFI Services available at the Airport due to a lack of local infrastructure.



The Airport is approximately 8 kms from the town of Moranbah. There are  several car hire booths situated at the Moranbah Airport. You will see an area with designated bus lanes and bus pick-up or parking areas to the right when you walk out of the Airport. Local Taxi Cabs can also be booked to pick you up or drop you off. The cost is approximately $30 from Moranbah to the Airport. (Although we recommend that you confirm the cost when booking).


Car Parking

There is both short-term and long-term parking. All Parking is free on-site at this time. There is 2 hour parking directly outside the terminal. If you are required to leave your car at the Airport for any longer period there is a the original unsealed car park for any extended times. Although it is only minutes from the Carpark to the Airport, due to the volume of cars parked at the Airport, it is best to arrive early, as parking is sometimes challenging. It is not unusual to see well over 300 vehicles in the long term parking, particularly over weekends. For the ladies it is recommended to avoid wearing heels as much of the access to this carpark is across a dirt roadway, so we suggest flatter shoes. Unfortunately there is no Valet parking or additional Automotive services offered at Moranbah Airport yet.


Moranbah Weather

There is a weather station located at the Moranbah Airport to assist the pilots with local weather conditions on the ground.

To view the latest airport weather reports select the link to go to the from the Bureau of Meteorology 

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