Moranbah Flights


Moranbah Flights

There are numerous Moranbah flights operated daily during the week from Moranbah to and from Brisbane. Moranbah Flight schedules are far more limited on the weekends – so its even more important to plan your trips well if you need to travel on Saturday or Sunday.

There are now flights offered in an out of Moranbah by both Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Qantas has maintained a much fuller schedule and continue to operate most of the flights in and out of Moranbah Direct flights are currently available to both Brisbane and Townsville by both airlines.

The Moranbah Airport also hosts light aircraft for local services. Permission is required from BMA to operate private flights.

Care flights are also operated from Moranbah Airport. Due to the remoteness of Moranbah this is a vital service that operates as required for local emergencies.

Virgin announced in February 2013 that they would be increasing their flights into Moranbah from April. More details are available from Virgin Australia.


Grounds Services

The ground services for both Qantas and Virgin flights at Moranbah  Airport are operated by a local company, Moranbah Airport Services.  Contact Moranbah Airport Services on 0415 041 629.

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