Isaac Regional Council celebrates Moranbah being 40 years young!

Isaac Regional Council celebrates Moranbah being 40 years young!


Moranbah is a town in central Queensland a couple of hours from the coast in Mackay and a couple of hours from Emerald inland.

It is approximately an hour an a half flight from Brisbane and an hour from Townsville.

Moranbah is quite a new town, in fact just over 40 years old. This makes it very this place quite unique as this one the newest towns in Australia.

The town of Moranbah was originally established in the early 1970’s as a place central to the Mining industry in the district.

This allowed for  local miners and their families to have a place that they could call home and build a community in the middle of the Mining Area.

The town is home to almost 10,000 residents. Although the number of locals in town can vary depending on availability of work in the area which creates a 10-20% fluctuation in population.

There is a large transient population of local workers that Drive in Drive Out (DIDO), Bus in Bus out (BIBO) or Fly in Fly out (FIFO), this is estimated to bring in an additional 10,000 people per week.

Moranbah has grown significantly over the years and it is now a very strong local community and home to many local families.

Many families choose to stay in Moranbah as it is a great place to bring up children. With good access to local services and schools and a close nit community makes it quite appealing to many young families.

There are many notable businesses, services and organisations in Moranbah that add to the livability of the town. There more detailed information on the businesses in the area across this  website and a full business and services directory that can be searched for you specific needs above.

Moranbah has some great local facilities  and venues which host many community events.

There a numerous social and sporting clubs which provide a lot of variety for all to get involved with local activities. With the diversity and interests of the local residents there is something for everyone in Moranbah.

As an example of the community pride in the events held in Moranbah you can see the images from a couple of years ago there were big celebrations put on by the Isaac Regional Council to for the town of Moranbah to share it’s 40th Birthday to share with all the people that make this such a great place.

Celebrating Moranbah's 40th Birthday in the Towns Square.

Celebrating Moranbah’s 40th Birthday in the Towns Square.


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