Rotary Club of Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo – Get in Now


Rotary Club of Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo –

Times running out – Get in now to secure your place.



The Annual Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo is on again in the Moranbah Community Centre.

This iconic Moranbah Event is on  cheap jerseys for two days – Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October.

Judy Nauman has been the Coordinator of this event for the last 5 years and shares what Secretary makes this event unique to Moranbah and a why its must for Businesses to commit now to secure there place for this years event.

There are many Businesses that commit to this event year after year. Speaking to Judy there is much feedback from previous exhibitors that the exposure from this event has provided them to sustain and grow there Moranbah Business year after year.

Judy Tells us about the Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo

Chatting with Judy:

Tracey: I’m here talking to Judy from the Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo. 

Tracey: Can you just tell us a little bit about the Moranbah Home and Leisure Expo?

Judy: The Home and Leisure Expo is actually run by the Moranbah Rotary Club, and it’s the only expo held in Moranbah for two days. It’s a good opportunity for businesses to put themselves out into the public and to communicate to the people in a relaxed atmosphere.


Tracey: That sounds great Judy. So how many years has it been running for now?

Judy: We think it’s our 20th year. If we knew for absolutely sure we would probably celebrate it, but yes it’s been a great event and the Rotary club sees is as an opportunity to produce a great community event that the people want to come home to year after year.


Tracey: It’s obviously very successful that it’s been running it now for 20 years. How many people do you have come a long?

Judy: Over the last two years there’s been an estimate of about 2,000 people coming through over the two days. Lots of those people are return clients, because its free entry people are able to come along and cheap jerseys China come and go as they please.


Tracey: That’s excellent. So who do you actually find visits the expo? Judy: In Moranbah we now have lots of young families. So that’s a great opportunity for them to have a family weekend out, because this is an alcohol free event. The event hemsida not a just a night event. it runs over the full two days.  We have lots of visitors from the surrounding areas Claremont, Nebo, and Dysart, and of course lots of our people who are working in our wholesale jerseys area come along it’s a chance to see what’s available in Moranbah.


Tracey: Do you cater for everyone, including families? Are there lots of things to do while they are at the event? Judy: I think people realize is it’s not your normal Home and Leisure Expo that you might head off into in Mackay or Brisbane for.

It actually has quite a village fair feeling, and we have food and drinks and entertainment. We even have rides and amusements  for the kids.

There are commercial exhibitors, we have local groups who come along and use it as an opportunity to promote themselves or raise some money.

There are competitions running over the weekend. We even have a giveaway of a holiday. Last year we had probably ten home business, and  I think it was eight not for profit groups and local sporting groups participate.

As an example – We have Relay For Life later in that month in Moranbah. Some of these groups come along to share in this great community event and may use it as a fundraising opportunity.


Tracey: That sounds awesome Judy! So how does an Exhibitor or Sponsor make the commitment to be at this year’s event?

Judy: We really need people, particularly commercial businesses to commit right now! There’s a limited number of sites and one of the attractions includes for the Expo is that it’s inside and outside event.

We need you to make your commitment come along and get in contact with myself, Judy Norman.

Contact me on my mobile – 0408 963 062 or email on for details and your registration form, because once you’ve committed to this years event it then we can allocate your site.

Lots of businesses have particular sites that they like to have. So the sooner you get your working form in we can commit your business and we won’t duplicate that cheap jerseys particular type of product again.


Tracey: Is there any urgency to make this happen now? Judy: Yes, we need to mention is that featured1 the date is the 12th and 13th of October. So right now we’re finalizing all of the exhibitors.

It’s best to get in now as we are getting ready to do the media campaign. We are committed to radio advertising, newspaper features and sending out fliers.

One of Football the great benefits for a Business as a sponsor there’s an opportunity to put your logo out there to take advantage of all the advertising.

So that means to make the most of this weekend it’s right now that we need you to do this.

Contact me (Judy Nauman) now  on 0408 963 062 or email on



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